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Support realistic and fantasy HARPG stamp by Chistokrovka
Hello you all out there!!
I hope you enjoy your visit in my gallery and that you like my art :D

I like many things like horses, dragons, cats, anime, manga, fantasy etc....
I draw, paint (most time I did in school ) and I do photographs. Currently I draw in my free time, which is kinda short in comparison to my work time :'C.
Most of my pictures in my gallery are drawn with my tablet, a Bamboo Pen & Touch medium. The number of pictures drawn by pencil are decreasing.

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Important dA friends ~
:iconrikailiahn-raftraich: :icondarksdespair: :iconxxdarksdespairxx: :iconjackroono: :iconcat-orb: :icontalonv: :iconleavingneverland: :iconkiing-lacura: ...& many more, I luv ya all :heart:

:iconorengel: She 's one of my favourite artist here on dA and I really lover her art :heart:
:iconthenapier: I just LOVE her style and her chibis :heart:
I've many other artist I like and favourite, but the list would be too long here XDD

~ ratimo
N-RPG Tracker | 7682 CMS I See Fire by ratimo

Chapter 1

N-RPG | Chapter 1 || Mandatory | Leaving by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 1 | Extra || Picking Apples by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 1 | Extra || Watching Night Skies by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 1 | Bonus || Meeting by ratimo
N-RPG | Chapter 1 || LiteratureThe day came, when the time to leave had come. Since the old castle crumbles and is right before vanishing, the decision was made to move to a new castle, no a new world.
Amaya finished all the preparation needed as soon as she heard of the leave. Her young stallion had grown impatient. He felt the pressure and uneasiness really fast. A hoof stamped on the ground. His head shook around, the mane flattered in the wind. Amaya gently patted his neck and  petted his head. His big red eyes met up with her own ones, and she had to admit that she saw an enormous gentle and intelligent on the other hand a wild and untamed young horse. Smaug nibbled on her golden necklace, as he could fall for anything that is valuable and precious. His rider was going back to get up her backpack. Once she got up in the saddle she took a last glance at the crumbling past, her head moved forward getting now the future in her sight. A slight pressure with her legs let Smaug began to trot. 'Now Smaug, say goo

Chapter 2

N-RPG | Chapter 2 || Mandatory | Shaking by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 2 | Bonus || Leap by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 2 | Extra || Shocking Moment by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 2 | Bonus || Leaving Chaos by ratimo
N-RPG | Chapter 2 || LiteratureFinally after the start of their journey the immense group of horses and riders got to do a rest together. Most of them were relieved, and after a short time horses were unsaddled or tent built up.
A view of an endless ocean of horses and their riders. On plains that weren't the best place for the night rest. But for a group this big, they needed a place that was good to observe. Amaya and Smaug emerged in this ocean and searched for a place where they could put their tent. Night was expanding and dark clouds building high in the sky. A chilly feeling was lying in the air. Smaug had gotten really nervous and Amaya had her problems to control him. She looked around and saw that all horses were unrelaxed. Some rised, some were dancing around. No other sound was heard, no animals of the night and the twilight were showing themselves. The chilly air wasn't fading, but soon intensed and changed to an eerie one. Amaya had a bad feeling. Suddenly it happened. It came so fast and unexpected. N

Chapter 3

NRPG | Chapter 3 | Extra || Wingss?? by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 3 | Bonus || I see it, I see it! by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 3 | Bonus || Exploring by ratimo N-RPG | Chapter 3 || Mandatory | The Bridge by ratimo
N-RPG | Chapter 3 || LiteratureAmaya was relieved that Smaug and herself escaped the earthquake without a scratch, just with shaking bones. But Amaya couldn't stop to think about what would have happened, if she and Smaug would have fallen into the chasm. She knew that there are many magical potions to strengthen the Nordanners. She bought one not too long ago, before the adventure started. It was a golden bottle, filled with a beautiful golden liquid. It wouldn't hurt too much and just to have this ace in the back, Smaug should drink this potion. Maybe it will help in the next unexpected happining.
Amaya stood right before her stud and she gave him the golden liquid. Smaug has already known that Amaya got a strange idea again, but his trust in his rider was very strong and he drank the potion.
Suddenly a golden shimmer oozed from his shoulders and his back. In Addition to that, slowly some feather grew out of Smaug's fur. They grew and grew and now it was clearly to be seen that they were wings. They grew until Sma

Chapter 4

NRPG | Chapter 4 | Bonus || Rest before Chaos by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 4 | Bonus || Silence by ratimo N-RPG | Chapter 4 || Mandatory | by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 4 | Extra || The Last Shot by ratimo
NRPG | Chapter 4 || LiteratureThe bridge slowly turned from a stone structure to a glowing through shimmering bridge. It's light faded and grew. With each hoof stepped on it, small glowing dust was set free. The bridge lead away from the earth. The group set steps into the space. Smaug and Amaya looked back for the last time on the crumbling home. Stars were glowing around them and Amaya just couldn't stop looking  on this beautiful sight. It seemed to be a way never ending. Most of the group were getting slowly.
It was then decided that they would do a rest. Amaya packed away Smaug's tack. She laid down in the middle of the bridge pulling up her dark red blanket. Smaug undecided of what to do. He looked around and then laid down right next to Amaya. Soon they were sound asleep. Both would never imagine what the day will bring them.
Smaug dreamed of his comfortable stall, there he could roll around without being afraid to fall of a bridge which would lead into nothingness.
Until now the journey was long and de

Chapter 5

NRPG | Chapter 5 | Mandatory || Arriving at Aleria by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 5 | Bonus || Disappearance by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 5 | Bonus || Frolocking by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 5 | Bonus || Old Ruins by ratimo NRPG | Chapter 5 | Extra || The finishing Line by ratimo

Images by Others

N-RPG Additional|| Ch. 2: Up Up and Away by SpytFyre-Ranch N-RPG Chapter 2 Mandatory: Chaos by KSN-Quality-Stock
N-RPG Mandatory|| Ch. 3: The Ends In Sight by SpytFyre-Ranch N-RPG: chapter 3: mandatory: Left Behind by KSN-Quality-Stock N-RPG Ch 3: Bonus part two by shekeira Lonely bridge || N-RPG - Chpt 3 || Bonus by iShaddix


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